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The Academic Library of PetrSU (1 category) is one of the largest in Republic Karelia. It was founded in 1940. In collection there are 1 384 852 holdings, including 248 959. journals in collection. Scientific literature - 46,4 % of the collection Course books - 44,9 % of collection
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The collection of Scientific Library contains books in various field of knowledge including fiction, foreign literature in 18 languages: English, German, French, Finnish and others, unique printed books, rare books from XVI - XIX centure.

The library's collection grows approximately by 40000 entries per year.

From 1992 Scientific Library of PetrSU is introducing new information technologies into its work.

The work on creating electronic catalogue began with establishing new automation informative Library System (AILS) "MARC" (Scientific Industrial Union "Informsystem").

Since 1996 the Library has been taking part in adopting of new electronic system "Foliant"., worked out by the engineers of RCNIT Gurijev D. and Matsko S. This version provides faster and more convenient search in the catalogues.

Today 4 164 691 entries are forwarded to "Foliant". Some of the Resolutions of Russian Federation and Republic Karelia are left in 'MARC'.

Web-site is created in 1997,

new version is created
with the support of
National Training Foundation
in 2004


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